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The Main-Album was, so far as known avalable in 4 different Versions.

  1. The Internation Version with space for  535 different 
  2. U.K. Version with space for 535 different stickers and an additional logo on the front cover and 20 free Stickers inside instead of 6
  3. The Swiss Version with space for 555 different stickers including a Poster for 20 sticker showing the swiss team named ( P1-P20 ).
  4. A Brazil Version space for 543 different stickers, with "livro Illustrado oficial" insted of "official sticker album" in the top left corner and space for additional Stickers from Adidas showing the used balls for the past tournaments named ( B1-B8 )
  5. In France, Italy and the Netherlands were released 4 different Albums as a Pre-Version called " Road to UEFA Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland " Named Album A (Attackers), B (Defenders), C (Midfielders), D (Key Players) each Album contains 16 Stickers, the French version has 16 Regular named after the Album (A1-A16,B1-B16,C1-C16,D1-D16) and one Special Sticker of Thierry Henry named S1. 
  6. A Mini Sticker Album was released in Germany/Netherlands and Italy it contains 192 different stickres , the stickers were available in chewinggum packages.the Italian and the german/dutch version do have differences too.The Italian versinon has in the centre 16 stickers of italian players different to the German/Dutch version , for those 16 were 16 random other stickers replaced so that all other teamstickers do have different positions a number of ,so far unknown, "in action" stickers were added too. -->Stickerlist<--
  7. In Spain a set of mini stickers with album was released iz contains 180 stickers.

Mc Donalds released some Specials to this event.

  1. A German Panini / Mc Donalds Album with Space for 80 different sticker available 1 package with each happy meal schowing the German team only.
  2. In UK the released 64 different stickers, available with each happy meal. The Sticker are different framed one color for each position ( 6 goalkeeper, 11 defender, 28 midfielder, 19 attacker ) those stickers don´t have any numbers just the players names.The backs of each sticker show the player skills. An album and a Poster called "Dream Team" were available, a Album called "Super Skills" and a Wallchart too, on both you could build your own teams from the 64 stickers. 

Coca Cola released an Album with 694 sticker in previus to the EC this album was produced just for employees of the coca cola company the stickers show the employees them self and some shiny stickers from the upcomming official stickeralbum for the Championship from panini. 

There are some Updates available , list will follow.

And sure there are a lot of different packages for this Version

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