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UEFA Euro 1996 logo


This Album exists in a couple of Different Versions. Inside they are all the same each Version contains 354 different Stickers but the covers were designt different in some Coutrys following the Versions so far as known.

  1. The Yugoslavian Version
  2. The Dutch Version
  3. The German Version
  4. The UK Version with a totaly different frontcover , playerstickers from the English team are different too, the top left logo is missing on those stickers. England badge is different too.
  5. Portugese Version
  6. Turkish Version ( Coca Cola Version )
  7. French Version
  8. Swedish Version
  9. Swiss Version with an extra poster inside
  10. Danish Version
  11. Russian Version
  12. Greek Version

The 2 different Versions of the Packages you can find here.

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