Road to brasil cover
2014 world cup logo 2

2014 world cup brazil logo 3

This Album was released in these Countrys: Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus , Malta,Mexico, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United States of America

So far there are 3 different Versions known

  1. The International Version with 410 different Stickers
  2. The Turkish Version with 428 different stickers including 4 extra pages in the album for the Turkish team named ( T1 -T18 ). All the Stickers released in Turkey do have red backs.
  3. The Mexican Version with 428 different Stickers including a poster in the middle of the Album ( Mexico de Oro) on this Poster are 18 extra sticker with the 2012 Olympic Football winner team from Mexico named ( M1 -M18 ) 

No 237 (Tomas Rincon) exsists in 2 different versions, differences you can find here. There are 3 different Packages all looking the same except the barcode , the international barcode is black on white, the mexican version is black on light yellow and the turkish version is black on light red.


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