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So far are the following versions known.

  1. International version with 640 different Stickers
  2. Swiss Version with 660 different stickers , a different, very shiny, Cover and a additional logo in the bottom right corner. In this Version , like the past few events allways, they added a poster for 20 extra stickers.
  3. Austrian Version with space for 646 different stickers including 6 extra stickers from Coca Cola named a-f 
  4. Russian version with additional logos on cover and russian writing in the top left corner
  5. Mexican version with space for 648 different stickers including an 8 stickers puzzle from Coca Cola named CC1-CC8. The free space at the addidas page looks like for an extra sticker, but this sticker was never seen. 
  6. Brasilian version with space for 649 different sticker including an 4 stickers puzzle showing Cafu celebrating with fans named L1-L4 , 4 additional mascot stickers named J1-J4 and an additional sticker "Wise Up Inglês Inteligente" named W1
  7. Ecuadorian version with 651 different Stickers including a 4 page extra in the centre of the album for 11 extrastickers V1-V11.
  8. Argentina version with 640 different stickers and additional writings on the cover. in the top left corner "Impresso en Argentina" in the top right corner "Album de Figuritas" this Album exists with a yellow and a blue left-border at the cover. The Argentina version has different Badges, not the badges them selfs but the shiny ground of the stickers is different to other versions.
  9. USA version with 643 different stickers , 3 of the 4 johnson´s stickers from Brasil version but with english text are used in USA version too they got the numbers 641, 642 and 643.
  10. Isreali version with Hebrew text this version opens from left to right not like the other versions 
  11. Chinese version with 640 different sticker has an additional writing on frontcover.

In Italy "Panini Family" released, in assosiacion with "Kinder", a poster and 40 stickers of World Cup Players from different countrys.  ​

The tire company "CONTINENTAL" release an album for their wholesale francisers and brandpartners with some differnces on cover, a big Black and Yellow Stripe runs Arround the whole album, at the back the PANINI logo is in Centre instead of the right side.


In France in Foot Magazine the 1st Updatesheet , showing 9 French players, was released

In Spain in Jugón Magazine asheet with 9 updatesticker was released

In Portugal in Craques Magazin a sheet with 9 updatesickers was released

In Italy in some Newspapers a sheet with 4 extra stickers were released

In Belgium in a daily newspaper a sheet of 6 Updatestickers were released , this sheet has a very special sticker from "Divock Origi" Player and 1st one who hits the Goal for the Belgian Red Devils, his Sticker is on that sheet without a Stickernumber. A Updatesheet with 77 stickers was released too, it was just Online available an just for people with an adress in Belgium.

In Brasil, North America and a couple of nations in Europe a Updates set with 71 stickers was available it is simular to the Belgium set expet 6 Players that were just released in Belgium.The same set does exist for the Platinum version with grey boarders. The Updateset had a mistake Updatesticker No.189x Eder Balanta was Printet with a wrong Photo, the right one was available via Panini. 

In Brasil a printed 4 pages sheet was released as a kind of update too. it contains 6 Players and two pages of "in Action" scenes from the Brasil team. 


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