Italia 90 int album cover
1990 Football World Cup logo
Italia 90 - Ciao-mascot

A nice album with a lot of differences and additional stuff. A couple of different Versions were available most contain the same stickers, but have different Covers. Some versions do have different stickers too.

The following list will show them so far as known:

  1. International Version with 448 different stickers
  2. German Version additional logos on Cover after winning the Cup a Poster was released where you could stick the Grman players.
  3. Belgium Version additional logo on Cover
  4. Yugoslavian Version only difference is Panini / Decje Novine logo
  5. Swedish Version with a different frontcover.
  6. Mexican Version with a totaly different cover inside are some differences too, the first pages start with totaly different stickers, Player Stickers are different too top right corner shows the Italia 90 ball and top left corner shows a writing "Italia 1990".
  7. Brazil Version is totaly different, the cover shows the trophy, the stickers are different too. in the top left corner is the italia 90 logo but without the "italia 90" writing. in the top right corner there is the sticker number , not the original mascott. inside the Album is different too all stickers wich show regular the mascott are replaced trough other comic stickers.At team Brazil there is an other important difference to all other versions, cause Sticker 198 is different, in Brazil version it shows Mozer in other Versions its Aldair.
  8. Colombian Version  has a totaly differen Cover wich shows: Jose Rene Higuita. It´s a Panini - Carvajal Colaboration, inside its imular to the Mexican Version version, and a additional Poster as centerpage. A additional Version form Carvajal and Pepsi exisists where the Cover shows Jose Rene Higuita as a drawing.
  9. Chile Version has a different cover, Coca Cola sponsored. Inside its totaly different to the other versions, the design is not simular to the others and there are less sticker in it . It´s just 308 istead of 448 cause all teams have 5 or 2 sickers less, Regulars have 5, small teams with two players per sticker have 2 less.
  10. Uruguay Version has a totaly differen Cover, Coca Cola Sponsored, the stickers are different to all other versions. The regular stickers show the italia 90 logo in the left top corner, in the Urugay version they got the coca cola logo the instead of, badges are not shiny.
  11. Singapore version has a similar cover to international version but a very different inside, it came with 269 different stickers.

Some different packages were available too even a lot of promo packs heres an overwiew.

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