Album mexico 1986
1986 Football World Cup logo
Pique mexico 86

This collection was released in a couple of differen versions below you´ll find them

  1. International version with 427 different stickers
  2. Yugoslavian version additional logo from "decje novine" on Cover seems like there were 2 different versions available one with a additional print "1986" on top.
  3. Portugese version with Campeonato Do Mundo instead of World Cup in 3 different variations.
  4. U.K. version additional writing "Sticker Album" on top of Cover
  5. German version with additional logo on Frontcover
  6. Colombian version with a totally different cover and 2 differences inside, badges of Brazil and Argentina are different to the regular and different to all other versions.
  7. Venezuelan Version with additional writings down left and down right on cover, stickers are different too in the top left corner the logo is changed.
  8. French version similar to the international version but with a poster offered by "La Vache Qui Rit", a french industrial cheese, to put the the 2 finalist teams' stickers.
  9. Danish version with additional writing on top and in bottom left corner and Interpresse logo instead of panini logo.
  10. Asian Version (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunai) cover looks similar to international version but inside it is totaly different, other design and less stickers.

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