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So far as i know are there 5 different versions of this Album.

  1. International Version with space for 640 different stickers.
  2. Swiss Version with space for 660 differnt Stickers including a Poster with 20 extra Stickers named ( P1 -P20 ) the Stickers are dark Yellow framed diffrent to the International Version.
  3. German Version with space for 644 different stickers including 4 extra promotion stickers from Coca Cola on the last site wich show the German player Miroslav Klose doing a salto named ( 1/4 - 4/4 )
  4. Mexico - Chile Version with space for 647 different stickers including a poster at the middle of the album with space for 17 stickers of the Chile players. In Chile Panini hasn´t the print rights so they had to produce the players as pop up stickers without a team picture and badge. on the last site ist space for 9 different promotion stickers from adidas wich show the official ball "jabulani" this Puzzle is in Chile also printed on cards similar to the pop up players.
  5. English Version with space for 664 different stickers including the tournament tracker poster with space for 24 shiny stickers named ( A - X ) available at "Morrison´s" stores only. You got a package just after spending 20 £ at Morrisons ( each package contains 5 sticker, 2 shiny for the Wall-chart and 3 regular ).
  6. Brasilian Version with space for 652 differnet stickers including space for 4 differnet VISA stickers at the middlepage this album was just released in Brasil and just in a small edition. the Visa stickers were inside the album. the Album cover looks a littele different , you can read : livro ilustrado, in the central of the top on cover.
  7. Ecuador - Colombian Version  with space for 648 different stickers including Space for 8 Coca Cola promotion stickers on the last site named ( A - F )
  8. Chinese version with 640 different stiker and additional writings on front and back cover.
  9. Israeli version vith additional hebrew writings and let to right opening.

A Mini Sticker Album was released too - no further informations.                                                                        80 updatestickers were Available as International ( White framed ) and as Swiss version ( Yellow framed ) 

In Spain , after the Spanish team won the Trophy , a updatesheet was released .It contains 7 Players and Vicente del Bosque as Stickers and a 4 pages sheet to sticke them in.

In Brasil a Updatesheet was released showing 9 Players as Stickers ans a 4 Pages sheet to sticke them in.

In Italy was an extra "Trophy Sticker " by Coca Cola available

The different packages, so far as known you´ll find in this list 

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