As far as I know There are 4 different versions of this album available, inside they are all the same just some differences on the cover.

  1. International version with space for 576 different stickers
  2. Brazilian version with "Livro Illustrato" on front cover. In Brazil they printed 5 stickers as update for the brasilian team 171 Marcos replaces Dida, 173 Juan replaces Antonio Carlos Zago, 177 Edmilson replaces Ze Roberto, 178 Beletti replaces Vampeta and 179 Ronaldinho Gaucho replaces Mauro Silva.
  3. Israelian version - with hebrew text, this version as space for 639 different Stickers and opens from left to right instead of right to left like version from the rest of the world, It contains a lot of extra stickers from different companys

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