2012 mascots

This Album has a lot of different Versions, Updates and Promotional Stickers. 

  1. International Version with 545 different Stickers including 6 Special Stickers from Coca Cola on the last site ( Named A - F ) with international Top Players. The Cover is Purple / White , Player Stickers are white Framed and all additionals Purple Framed
  2. Poland - Ukraine Version with 564 different Stickers including 25 different Internation Top Players ( Named P1 - P25 ) . The Cover is Purple / White with added Flags from Poland and Ukraine on the Cover. Player Stickers are Framed Purple additionl Stickers are Framed in White differnt to the International Version.
  3. Swiss Version ( Platinum Edition ) with 559 different Stickers including a Poster 20 Stickers ( Named P1 - P20 ) those Stickers show 1 Topstar of each Country, the Maskots and the Trophy. The Cover ist Purple / Silver with an added Swiss Flag. The Stickers are Framed Yellow.
  4. German Version with 565 different Stickers including 6 Different Stickers of Manuel Neuer  ( German Goal Keeper ), from Coca Cola, on the last site ( Named 1/6 - 6/6 ) and a Poster with space for 20 Stickers of the German Team ( Named D1 - D20 )The Cover is Purple / Yellow with an added Geman Flag. Player Stickers are Purple Framed and additional are White Framed simular to the Poland Version.
  5. Italian Version Hardcover ( Tournament Version ) / ( Event Kick Off ) with 220 different Stickers available at "Penny Market" ( Italian Supermarkets ).
  6. French Version same as Italien Version but as Softcover ! French and Italian stickers differ from each other on the backside ! The differnces you can see here.
  7. Dutch Version available at "Alber Heijn" ( Dutch Supermarkets ) with 240 different Stickers and Space for 6 Special Stickers ( Named A - F ) Albumtitle : Het Toernooi door de ogen van Oranje ( The Tournament seen throu dutch eyes ).
  8. South Amrican Version , maybe Argentina. in this Version the Badges and other shiny stickers do have a differen look than others, the regular shiny stickers have vertikal shiny lines, this versions has like shiny dots. (If you know precisely where they are from ,feel free to add it)
  9. Chinese Version with different writings on Cover.
  10. Argentina Version with different shiny stickers.

Updates : There is a French and a Italian stickersheet, both released in the respective country, with 9/6 different Updatestickers

For sure there are different packages in the following list you can see them so far as known: 

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