Copa 2016

20160220060121!Copa América Centenario (2016)


There are no variations of stickers known but some albums with tiny variances.

  1. International version with writing "Official Sticker Album" in Center in a circle, these Albums have Flags of the respective countrys on their backside.
  2. USA version with writings "Sticker album" "Album dáutocollants" "Album de cromos" in the center written straight and Panini logo in Center instead of bottom left as all other versions do have.
  3. Argentina version with writing "Official Sticker Album" in a circle in center and "Album de Figuritas" in the bottom left.
  4. Mexico version with writing "Album de Estampas" in a circle in center.
  5. Italian version with writing "Le Grandi Raccolte Per La Gioventu" on the top.This Album was availabe as hardcover too.
  6. Brasilian version with "Offical Sticker Album" "Livro Ilustrado Ofical" in a circle in center and additional writings bottom left. This album was available as hardcover too.

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