Copa america 2007
Venezuela Copa América 2007

This Album was released in a smaller version than the regular albums even the stickers are very small. This collection contains 300 different stickers, so far as i know are there no different Albums available, but there are 2 special facts for the stickers. Panini could´nt release the stickers for the Mexican Team ( same old storry there ) so a unknown printer printed a sheet wich was available in a Mexican Newspaper .These stickersheet has a very bad quality. In Venezuela there was a simular problem with the Venezuelan team but just in Venezuela at the international version the Venezuelan team was available in green shirts ( not released in Venezuela ) but a Local Newspaper printed a sheet in colaboration with panini showing the Venezuelan players in their dark red home jerseys ( only available at Venezuela ) and very hard to get ! 

  1. Updatesheet Venezuela
  2. Updatesheet Mexico

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